6: Lost in Transliteration

Don't squish any peas under your foot.

I'm not sure If I was looking at an automobile or a metal food container.

Mrs., I must inform you that I am a father.

It's too stuffy in here to cheer for my favourite team.

Couples shouted out to start the revolution.

The state of the Dow Jones Industrial Average caused a kerfuffle in a pagoda.

A design by one man left Panama in an unoriginal state.

Recall the name of a single Mineral Engineering student.

Hurting this cranky child will cause a sweet potato's downfall.

Mice would never plunge into a malicious celestial body.

No foot has ever been too wide for my shoes.

Neither my mother nor I have any peasants.

I was in my prime when I first came to Scotland.

Congratulations, mister, the prize is an automobile!

Oppressed moose from a distant land, come to me.