Exhibit 2: Thought Leadership

You stash the admission tickets in your back pocket and wander around the room for a bit. Aside from the unusual-looking pieces, there isn't much to look at. There are some holes in the wall where paintings used to be attached.

"I think that's all we're going to get from here," the guard says. "Any idea what to do next?"

Across the atrium, you spot a suspiciously glass-encased room. No obvious signage is visible apart from a large glowing pear right above the entrance.

"Wow, that's convenient. It's almost like our trip through this building was completely scripted."

"Yeah, this was never here before," remarks the guard, "it would seem that our thieves are having more fun with their heist than we thought."

Circling along the balcony, you slip through the glass sliding doors. The lights in the room immediately turn on and momentarily blind you. Now visible along the back wall in obnoxiously large Helvetica is the banner "Thought Leadership: Don't Be Trapped By Dogma". On your right, you see several pieces similar to the ones from before:

1: Gridlocked

2: Chess

3: R1V0eEfQY8nNhCSyHcRd4Q==

4: Bulletin Board

5: Sports

6: Lost in Transliteration

You also notice a whiteboard on the other side of the room covered in poorly drawn doodles. Written in the bottom corner is the following:
"Quick, we gotta make a puzzle for this exhibit's meta..."
"Okay, take these - just make sure it doesn't look too similar"


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