Solution to M: Exhibit 1 Meta

The first part of this puzzle requires scanning the barcode on the ticket. As hinted by the price listed on the ticket, it is encoded as a Code 128. Scanning this should reveal the phrase "CHIFFRE INDECHIFFRABLE," or the the Vignere cipher. The text under the barcode ("uzztofatd") corresponds to the ciphertext.

Answering each Act 1 question would give Questers a ticket, which contained suspicious looking "barcodes" and the "kiosks" they came from. These are in fact the visible atomic spectra of elements, but converted to black and white. The kiosks in question are the groups on the Periodic Table from where they come from. All spectra can be found on this Wikipedia page.

The elements are Phosphorus, Lithium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Oxygen, and Sulphur, which spell out the word "PLINKOS" - the key to the cipher.

Unfortunately nobody managed to complete this puzzle :( Likely as a result of not enough hinting to elements, and the fact that not all groups solved all of the Exhibit 1 puzzles.