Exhibit 1: Research in Motion

Heading back through the lobby toward the next exhibit, you are greeted by a conspicuous ribbon of caution tape blocking off the central staircase. That's odd, you think. Had that been there when you entered? The building also looks suspiciously empty. Although, considering the pieces earlier, this could totally be just another display: Participatory Art // Defying Convention. You decide to have a go.

"Stop right there! What do you think you're doing?"

You turn around to see a security guard. She does not look happy.

"Uhh... My assignment?"

"What? How did you get in here? The museum is closed! You're going to have to come with me for questioning."

Uh oh. You knew you shouldn't have waited until the literal last minute to work on this project. You follow the guard to the security office.

"Alright, time to fess up. Where are they?"


"The pieces. What have you done with them? And what are these sick jokes you've replaced them with?"

You quickly explain your situation to her. She checks your student ID and believes your story.

"Well, as you've seen, a lot of our art has gone missing. The perp has left behind these coded messages, we think, as a sort of calling card. Frankly, they look like Nuit Blanche pieces if you ask me. You seem to have understood a couple of them -- tell you what, if you can help us out, I can pull some strings and get your assignment deadline extended."

An all-nighter at the museum sounds better than an all-nighter working on the assignment, and you quickly agree. You step over the caution tape and head up the stairs.

The sign above the 2nd floor entrance reads "Research in Motion: Augmediated Reality is the Message". It's not clear what this has to do with anything -- the walls are mostly blank. The few installations left catch your eye:


2: Menu

3: What's the Difference?

4: Dash Away, All

5: Fix My Jerseys

6: Aegean Treasure

You also see a strange-looking admission ticket on the ground. There are a number of others scattered about the area as well.

Hmmm... they don't seem to scan properly. You might have to reference them back to the kiosks they came from.


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