Exhibit 0: From Theory to Praxis

You decide to take a gander at the "From Theory to Praxis" exhibit, showcasing works by members of the engineering community. Sure, you were forced to come here as part of an assignment in one of your HSS courses, but this is exciting! Who knew that engineers could be so talented! As you look around one of the wings, you notice something is amiss... A number of the works look odd, and some seem to have parts missing. You suspect something has gone terribly wrong, and check the other suspicious looking artworks:

1: Looking for Recommendations

2: My Courses

3: Still Life

4: Listen Closely

One of the displays doesn't even look official. It's just a hard hat taped to the wall. The description beside it is just a sticky note, which reads:

Before you leave this exhibit, look for what comes after


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