Godiva's Quest 1T9 is now over!

Thank you for participating and congratulations to the top three teams:

  1. Yolo Swaggins
  2. Meme and Dreams
  3. Machine Wisdom

Since the members of Yolo Swaggins have been Questmasters in the past, Meme and Dreams is the winner!

Stay tuned for the epilogue and solutions.

Your 1T9 Questmasters: Cindy, David, Jeffrey, and Rebekah


The safe breaks open as you enter the last passcode, revealing what looks like a scrappy old piece of cloth. On it, you see all the answers that you submitted trying to solve Act 3 Question 2.

"Is this the essence of the Brute Force Committee?" You exclaim in disbelief

"No, that is just hopelessness" comments the boy, coming through the doorway. "This," the boy continues, "is the true essence of the BFC." The boy tosses the cloth away, unveiling a golden hardhat, floating in mid air.

"The Floating Hardhat!"

"Yes, now that we have recovered the essences of the Bnad, the Cannon and the BFC, we can save Skule™! Let us get out of here!"

You grab onto the boy's arm, and the world spins in familiar patterns around you...

* * * * * * * * *

As you walk into the Sandford Fleming building at 11:50am for your 12:00 pm lab, something feels... off. For one thing, there isn't the lively chatter that usually fills the Pit. Rather, you are greeted with an eerie silence. There are other students in the Pit, of course, but they were all standing around...

"COVER YOUR EARS" Someone shouts, breaking the silence.


As you recover from the ringing of your ears, you hear the familiar tune of the Bnad. "We are, we are, we are, we are, we are the engineers..."

"Hey man, are you coming to Suds this Friday?" Says a familiar voice behind you.

"Jimmy!" You turn around, sounding almost too excited. "Of course!"

It's good to have Skule back - the familiar murals, Hard Hat Cafe, the Toike Stand, EngSoc - all of it. You never felt more at home. Just as you press the elevator button up to the fourth floor, you notice a newspaper article from the corner of your eye.

Ryerson Engineering Society President Re-elected by a Landslide Victory!

Below the headlines was a picture of a smiling individual, surrounded by photographers. The face looks familiar to you, almost like you have seen it somewhere... somewhere like in the ashes of Pompeii, on the deck of Titanic, and below the grounds of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Is this the boy that you handed off the essence of Skule™ to?

Oh no.

Wake up Quester, it's time for class

As you walk into the Sandford Fleming building at 11:50 am for your 12:00 pm lab, something feels... off. For one thing, there isn't the lively chatter that usually fills the Pit. Rather, you are greeted with an eerie silence. There are other students in the Pit, of course, but something is different. No one is talking to each other and everyone is minding their own business.

'That's odd,' you think. The Pit is never like this, and it is slowly giving you the creeps. You look around the Pit, trying to figure out what is going on. The walls, which were once filled with endearing murals, are just bare.

You know now that there is something seriously wrong. What is going on? Why are the other students so lifeless? Where have all the murals in the Pit gone? In your panic, you rapidly look around. The Bnad room is empty. So is the Blue and Gold Committee's room. It's as if none of them had even existed in the first place. You run to the GB Quad. The sword is missing.

You quickly run back to the Pit. 'Maybe it's someone pulling an elaborate prank,' you think. While you are trying to wrap your head around what has exactly happened, you see your friend Jimmy walking into the Pit.

"Jimmy!" you yell out, relieved to see a familiar face in the current messed up situation. However, when Jimmy looks at you, you feel uneasy all over again. Jimmy doesn't look like his usual self. Instead of giving you a friendly greeting as he usually does, he merely glances at you, nods, and walks away.

Shocked, you can't help but spew out your questions at him.

"Jimmy, do you know what's going on? All of the Skule™ stuff in the Pit is gone! No murals, no Bnad, and no Blue and Gold Committee! Heck, even the sword in the GB Quad is missing! Did something happen yesterday when I skipped my afternoon lectures?"

Jimmy looks at you for a few seconds and frowns.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," says Jimmy, "I have never heard of those things in my life."

He huffs a little and turns away.

This is bad. It's as if the entire Skule™ has been erased from the face of the Earth and you are the only one who remembers it! UofT Engineering without Skule™? It's unthinkable! But that is what is happening right now. Skule™ is gone, and that leaves UofT Engineering lifeless and dull, sucked of all its spirit and happiness.

What will we do now?!?

Important Information

What is Godiva's Quest?

Godiva's Quest is an annual puzzle hunt for undergraduate engineering students. Held over the winter break, it challenges students to compete to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Anyone may attempt the Quest, but it takes ingenuity and perseverance to complete it. The first team to complete the Quest will be crowned the Quest Champion - will it be you?


The Quest is divided into four Acts. Each Act will contain a set of puzzles along with a meta-puzzle. To complete the Quest, you must solve the four meta-puzzles. However, unless you solve most (or perhaps all) of the puzzles in an Act, you may find it impossible to solve the meta-puzzle.

Act 0 has been released already. You may notice that all of them lack instructions. This is intentional - you have to figure out what to do. Analyze all the information given, as anything may be a clue in disguise; consult online resources (i.e., Google); and when in doubt, just try something. Answers are always an alphanumeric word or phrase, contain no punctuation, and are case-insensitive.

Act 1 will be released on Wednesday, December 19th. Subsequent Acts will be released on the following Mondays.

The winner is the first team to complete the Quest. If no team has completed the Quest by 11:59 PM on January 7th, the winner will be the team who has solved the most puzzles.


The first eligible team to complete the Quest will win the glory and honour of being crowned the Quest Champion, and will also become one of the three judges of Godiva Week's Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race. As well, they will inherit the title of Questmaster(s) 2T0 and the opportunity to design the next Godiva's Quest!


Teams will start with three hints and will earn one extra hint for solving the Act 0 meta-puzzle. Hints may be used at any time. To request a hint, send an email to the Questmasters at quest@skule.ca. Let us know which puzzle you need help with and what progress you have made, and we will do our best to give you a nudge in the right direction. Please note that the only way to request hints is via email; asking us for help in person or on Facebook is forbidden.


All undergraduate students with a valid UToronto email address may participate in the Quest. However, to be eligible to win, a team must contain at least one student who is currently enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Furthermore, past Questmasters are ineligible to win.

You are encouraged to register for the Quest as a team of up to three people. Prior to the release of Act 2, you may email us to make changes to the membership of your team, or request that teams be merged. Please note that if teams A and B are requesting to be merged, where A has used m hints and B has used n hints, the combined team A+B will have used m+n hints. If m+n exceeds the number of Act 0 puzzles solved, the team merge will not be allowed.

Collaboration with other teams and individuals is strictly prohibited, as it gives some teams an unfair advantage and makes it difficult to select a single winning team. Violation of this rule may result in disqualification.

Contact Us

To make changes to your team, request hints, or ask for any rule clarification, please contact the Questmasters at quest@skule.ca.