The Quest Has Concluded!

Godiva's Quest 1T5 has come to a close and the J.P. Potts Memorial Trophy has been found. Congratulations are in order for Colin Parker, your Godiva's Quest 1T5 Champion!

Colin and his ECE 1T6 team were the only group to solve the Quest before the Wednesday morning deadline, and for that, Colin's teammate Olga Bondarev was given the honour of judging Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races 1T5.

If you make your way back to the puzzles, you might notice something has changed; instead of a puzzle submission form, each puzzle has a link to its solution on its page! If there was a puzzle you absolutely couldn't solve, you can check out its solution to see what needed to be done.

Also, the solution to the Quest's final puzzle is available on the GodivaNet page, but I recommend checking out the solutions to the other puzzles first.

Thank you all for participating!

- Andrew Nestico, Questmaster 1T5

Below is this page as it appeared during the Quest.

Hello and welcome to Godiva's Quest 1T5!

Godiva's Quest is an annual test of the wit and constitution of the University of Toronto's undergraduate engineers. Taking place from the winter break to the start of the second school semester, the Quest challenges students to solve a series of mind-bending puzzles in a race against time and their peers.

The Puzzles

As in past years, the Quest is split into three stages. Once the third stage of puzzles has been released, you will have all the tools you need to solve the Quest. Remember, you don't need to solve every puzzle in order to finish the Quest, but every answer you get will bring you closer to the solution. Answers are in the form of an alphanumeric word or phrase, and will not have any spaces or punctuation.

The Prizes

The first eligible person to complete the Quest gets all the spoils! If you win, you'll be awarded the coveted third judge's position for Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races, which is held on the Wednesday of Godiva Week; you'll be granted the title of Questmaster 1T6, which comes with the responsibility of writing next year's Godiva's Quest; and, most importantly, your name will be immortalized in history as one of the valiant few who found glory at the end of their Quest.

The Patches

This swanky patch is also available as a reward for tenacious Questers, and the first ten people to complete the Quest will be awarded one. You're encouraged to work in teams, and every member of your team can win a patch if you're all fast enough.

The People

Frosh cannot win the whole Quest, but they are encouraged to participate and can earn patches. Other than frosh and past Quest winners, any University of Toronto engineering undergraduate is eligible to win the Quest. If nobody has completed the Quest by 10:00 11:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, the winner will be the person who has completed the most puzzles at that time.

The Private Side

Unlike in past years, Questers are encouraged to take peeks behind the veil and look for hidden areas of the website. Leave no stone unturned and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. The only exception to this rule is the php source folder - things in that folder are there for a reason, so please don't try to break into there.

The Potts Trophy

The J.P. Potts Memorial Trophy appears to have gone missing. Considering it's the trophy awarded to the winner of Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races (aka the thing that the Quest winner will be judging), you might want to keep an eye out for it...

The Past Winners

Previous winners are ineligible to win again, so you are not competing against Ryan Wills, Ang Cui, or a bunch of other long-gone people. Of course, you are also not competing against the Questmaster.

Good luck and happy questing!

- Andrew Nestico, Questmaster 1T5