Welcome to Skule Puzzle Competition
Godiva's Quest 1T3: Find Godiva's Ark!

Quest 1T3 puzzles can be found here: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Meta
You are welcome to try out the puzzles any time!

The Quest has ended -- The Ark has been found!!!
It was hidden in the Wallberg Building Locker 21.
A list of winners can be found here.

Thank you all Questers for your participation! I hope you have enjoyed the Quest!

-- Your Quest Master 1T3

What is Godiva's Quest?

Godiva's Quest is the annual University of Toronto Engineering puzzle competition. It is part of the tradition of the Godiva Week at the start of the second semester. The Quest challenges all engineers to pit their wits to be the first to solve a series of puzzles.

What's Godiva's Ark?

In the Book of Genesis, from the Bible, Noah's Ark saved our ancestors from a flood that almost destroyed the world. December 21, 2012, the alleged end of the world, is coming soon. However, our beloved Lady Godiva hid another ark in a mysterious location in Skule to save all of us. Therefore, the Quest Master is seeking intelligent and determined individuals to solve a series of puzzles to unveil the location of the Godiva's Ark.

What is the format of the Quest?

There will be 3 stages, 21 puzzles in total. The puzzles for the first stage will be released on December 21. Each stage has a meta-puzzle which uses solutions from all other puzzles as inputs. The first two stages will not require you to physically walk around the campus, but the third stage may. Solving the final meta-puzzle will reveal the location of the Ark, which is hidden in a place in Engineering buildings.

How is the winner determined?

The first person that finds the Ark is declared as the winner. If nobody finds the Ark before Jan. 8, 21:00 EST, the person who completed the most puzzles will win.

What is the prize for winning?

The winner is awarded the third and final Chariot Race Judge position and a chance to create next year's puzzles. More importantly, the winner will get exclusive bragging rights for being smart enough to save the world.

What does a typical puzzle look like?

Please look at previous year puzzles to get an idea. The solution will always be a short word or phrase consisting only of numbers and letters, no punctuation or space. A tutorial will be provided on Dec. 21 to get you started.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate. However, only University of Toronto undergraduate engineering students are eligible to win. F!rosh cannot win, sorry.