This year's quest has been won! Registration and puzzles are still available, and will not be going anywhere if you still wish to complete them at your own pace. Thanks to all who participated.

Godiva's Quest

Godiva's Quest is a traditional quest of wits, skill and determination. Questers have to solve a gauntlet of puzzles and challenges, both on line and around campus. The first person to finish the Quest is awarded the ultimate prize: the third and final Chariot Race Judge position.

How Does It Work

Registration for this year's Quest begins on January 2nd, 2011. The first batch of puzzles will be released on January 3rd, 2011. Questers will have to solve every puzzle in order to make it to the final puzzle. The first Quester to solve the final puzzle will be declared winner of Godiva's Quest.

After solving each puzzle you will be given a completion code to submit along with your user ID. Each puzzle has a different completion code, and the completion codes are the same for everyone. This means that yes, you can get the code from someone else and enter it. Please note that ONLY ONE person can win the judging position, so giving completion codes to others is only hurting yourself.

Overall progress of all Questers will be tracked, and can be viewed by all.


  • F!rosh cannot win. They are encouraged to participate.
  • There is only one winner. You can work as a team, but only one person can win.
  • No one already judging the Chariot Race can win.
  • No fisticuffs.
  • Hacking and cheating is not permitted.
  • The winner will be decided by 9:30am on January 12th, 2010.
  • Hints will be provided at the discretion of the QuestMaster.
  • Have fun!


Think outside the box.
Some puzzles build on concepts used to solve earlier puzzles.
Use the provided clues, they mean something.

Helpful Resources

Anagram Solver
Cipher Solvers

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