Lady Godiva's Mount is Missing!!

Godiva's Quest 2009

Thank you to all those who have participated! Congratulations to the winners! The scores can be found HERE, and top 10 finishers HERE. Even though the event is finished, the site is still maintained and all puzzles are still solvable. Feel free to give it a crack!

-Tommy Liu, QuestMaster 2009

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What is Godiva's Quest?

Godiva's Quest is part of the annual tradition of Godiva Week at the start of the second semester. The Quest challenges all engineers to pit their wits and be the first to solve a series of puzzles for the grand prize.
..and bragging rights.

What is the prize for winning the Quest?

The winner of Godiva's Quest will be awarded the third and final position on the panel of judges for the chariot race, the most anticipated event of the week. Chariot Race judges are highly coveted positions and enjoy many benefits including but not limited to: free BEvERages, bribes from every discipline, and immortality. The other two positions on the panel include the Blue and Gold Chair(s), and the winner of the auction on the night prior to the race.

What are the rules to the Quest?

  • The solution will always be a short word or phrase consisting only of numbers, letters, and space. No punctuation.
  • Don't cheat or try to hack the system. You'll be disqualified and publicly humiliated by tarring and feathering.
  • Don't sabotage the puzzles for other people.
  • You are welcome to cooperate and work in groups, but there is only one winner.
  • F!rosh cannot be a chariot race judge, but are still VERY much encouraged to try to win the Quest.
  • Have fun!

Unlike your normal crosswords and jigsaws, the rules and clues to the Quest's puzzles are not explicitly defined for you, and can take on any shape or form.

Think outside the box. You are encouraged to ask your friends for help on subjects you may not be familiar with, and always, google and wikipedia are great resources of knowledge.

Why am I still reading?

I don't know, hurry up and start the puzzles!