1: The Chase Begins

Joe finishes reading the email conversation between Bob and Chief Herrington and turns to you. "What are they trying to steal? Who is this Chief person?" You shrug, equally perplexed.

At that very moment, Bob walks in, carrying a lumpy object in a sack with a shiny silver muzzle sticking out. He freezes when he sees the two of you, and then immediately turns around and runs out the door. You and Joe scramble to chase after him, but end up tripping over each other and crashing to the ground. By the time you get up again, Bob has disappeared once more.

"Damn it! He's gone again! What do we do now?" Joe cries.

Ding! A new email from Chief Herrington appears in Bob's inbox. "Bring it to the meeting place immediately," the email says. Conveniently, you discover a file named meeting_place.png on Bob's desktop.

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