Greetings Questers!

Godiva's Quest 1T6 has officially come to a close! Your second and third place winners are Connor, Fan, and Tania of TeamFrosh and Larry, Crystal, and Prangon of team WAAAHT respectively. The winners and Questmasters 1T7 are Borren and Shuyi of team Yolo Swaggins!

The Quest will remain online and solutions will be published in the near future for those who would like to keep at it. We will also be bringing the old Quests online after some time.

On behalf of the 1T6 Questmasters, Colin, Brandon, and Olga, thank you all for participating or following along this year. We hope you had as much fun with it as we did.

Questmasters 1T6

Research Students Wanted

Posted by Dr. Horatio O. Bartholomew
Professor of Mineral Engineering

Godiva's Quest is an annual test of the wit, ingenuity, and drive of undergraduate engineering students. It challenges students to complete an increasingly difficult series of puzzles. The caveat, of course, is that you are competing in a race not only against time but also against your Skulemates.

The Quest runs from December 19th until second semester begins.

Job Description

The Quest is divided into several Acts, which will be released throughout the research term. Each one contains several formidable puzzles along with a meta-puzzle. The only requirement for completing the Quest is solving all meta-puzzles. However, questers will find it difficult, if not impossible, to solve any meta-puzzle without having solved most of the puzzles around it.

Questers are encouraged to use all the information on the page when they are solving puzzles, as anything may be a clue in disguise, and to consult resources such as Google, Wikipedia, and Skulepedia when necessary. Answers are always an alphanumeric word or phrase, contain no punctuation, and are case insensitive.

If no candidate has completed the Quest by the morning of January 6th, the winner will be decided based on Leaderboard ranking.


The first eligible person or team to complete the Quest will learn the true meaning of Christmas. On top of that, they will also be awarded a host of prizes, including the third judge's position for Godiva Week's Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race and the title of Questmaster(s) 1T7. Thus, the winner(s) will have the opportunity to design Godiva's Quest 1T7!

In addition, the first three teams to complete the Quest will receive a special patch for Godiva's Quest 1T6.


For the first time ever, first-year students can now win Godiva's Quest!

All undergraduate students with a valid utoronto email address may participate in the Quest. Anyone has a chance to win, with the exception of past Questmasters (such as Andrew "Questico" Nestico) and teams which do not include an engineering student as one of their members.

Participants are encouraged to gather their friends and register for the Quest as a team. Teams of up to three people can be registered under one Team ID, allowing them to win together. Individuals are discouraged from working together as a team "off the record", as there can only be a single winning team.

Contact Information

To request a merge of teams, request hints, or ask for any rule clarification please contact the Questmasters at Teams may be merged before the release of Act 2, as long as the combined team does not exceed three members. Teams earn one hint upon the release of each Act, which is described in more detail in the Hints page.

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