Godiva's Quest is an annual Skule tradition that tests students' logic, problem-solving skills, and persevearance by having them (you) solve a set of increasingly difficult puzzles. Beginning in 0T0, this year marks the Quest's 14th anniversary!

THE QUEST IS OVER! Congratulations to Andrew Nestico, Godiva's Quest Champion 1T4, and his team of Abhinav Ramakrishnan, Steven Berios, and Emil Kerimov!

Andrew will judge this year's Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races and both Andrew and Abhinav will be Questmasters 1T5!

A full list of winners can be found here!

That's all, folks!

On a personal note, I'd like to thank every single person who participated in Godiva's Quest 1T4! I was so unsure about what I was getting into when I accepted the position last year, and I'm so happy that everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves with the puzzles. My goal for this year's Quest was to create more inclusive puzzles that didn't need a strong background in cryptography to solve and with an incredible 441 confirmed solves, I'd consider it a success! I'm proud of all 13 people that solved the Quest (on the first day!) and of everyone that put in the effort to get those puzzles solved! I can't wait to see what next year's Quest will bring!

Most of the Quest was run single-handedly, but there are a few people who made this whole thing happen from behind the scenes. Firstly I'd like to thank Ang Cui, Quest Master 1T3 who provided near-endless technical support in getting the Quest set up. Thanks to Billy Graydon, Computer Systems Admin 1T3-1T4 for similarly providing support and suggestions that led to Happy Birthday and the final puzzle. Thanks to Dan Tomchyshyn, Network Administrator and Joanne McClintock, Computer Support Specialist for being super supportive of this year's Quest and providing the computer, authorization, and technical support necessary to set up the final puzzle. Thanks to Nathan Fong who provided inspiration for Sound it Out. Finally, thanks to the wonderfully talented people who created the ilovebees and Perplex City ARGs, which got me hooked on these types of puzzles in the first place and to which I've borrowed a great deal of inspiration.

For the last time,

- Ryan Wills, Questmaster 1T4


Things to know

The first U of T St. George Engineering Undergrad student to solve the final puzzle (we have ways of knowing who it is) will become next year's Questmaster and the third judge of Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races held on the Wednesday of Godiva Week! If no one solves the final puzzle by January 7th, the eligible person with the most solves wins.

There can only be one winner, but collaboration is encouraged and the top 10 people to complete the Quest (or, if less than 10 people solve it, the top 10 people on the leaderboard) will receive an ultra-exclusive limited edition patch for his or her coveralls!

Frosh cannot win by tradition, but are certainly encouragd to participate and can still earn the patch!

Every puzzle's solution will be one or two words which can be submitted on the puzzles' respective pages. If your answer is close but not quite right, a clue will be automatically provided.

There will be three phases to the Quest with seven puzzles each. When the third phase is released, Questers will have all the tools they need to solve the Quest. Solving more puzzles before the third phase is released will help you solve the Quest faster, but it is not strictly necessary to have solved all the puzzles to complete the Quest.

There is one on-campus puzzle per phase, requiring you to visit a location on or around U of T. Every location that is necessary to solve a puzzle is completely accessable to all engineering students. If you're trying to break into somewhere, you're on the wrong track.

Everyone is eligible for two hints. If you're really really stuck, e-mail gquest1t4@gmail.com, explain where you are in the puzzle, and a hint will be provided. If a puzzle has less than 5 solvers by the time the next phase is active, hints for those puzzles will be provided to everyone.

None of this year's puzzles rely on cryptography, so if you don't know your base64 from your Caesarian shifts, you're still more than eligible to compete.

None of this year's puzzles require hacking of any kind. If you're caught trying to bypass security measures, force your way into the site, or otherwise peek behind the curtain by doing something you're not supposed to be doing, you will be disqualified.

Previous winners are ineligible to win again, so you are not competing against: Ang Cui, Evangelos Staikos, Alvin Ho, Tommy Liu, Ian Swartz, John Zhou, Harry Zhao, and of course you are not competing against the Quest Master.